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In fact, just the opposite. After I started working on my personal health and fitness, it became clear to me that the rest of my life also needed an overhaul. Physical changes were the gateway to transforming other areas of my life including career and finances, interpersonal relationships, my relationship with myself, my contributions to my community and the world, and my interconnectedness with the universe. 

Physical changes are not the end-all-be-all for transformations.

— You may be able to sustain a high income, keep your daily gym routine, and be active in your church but your love life is lacking; or

— You are a rockstar at work, have an awesome relationship with your significant other, and love eating and preparing perfectly portioned, organic meals, but you still feel like something is missing; or

— You own and operate a booming business, you volunteer on the regular, you are happily married to the love of your life, but the drive thru is your BFF and you haven’t stepped foot inside a gym in … ever; or

— You are loving the freedom of the single life, you have an awesome running regimen and always hit your macros, you keep a gratitude journal and meditate regularly, but you’ve been stuck in the same dead-end job for months, maybe even years.

For example:

The time and energy that it takes to overhaul one area of your life can sometimes be overwhelming and can oftentimes detract from other areas of your life. 

But what if you didn’t have to only pick 3?

 What if improving your financial status didn’t have to ruin your gym routine or your love life or your contributions to society or your spiritual connections?

It’s like those memes where you are shown 4 things and can only pick 3 to keep, except it’s not a meme, it’s our lives.

Everyone is looking for balance in their lives, when what we really need is                  .


The MoveMEANT for More program is designed to help you discover and then fine tune that harmony for your life in any given season and/or for any given large goal that you may have, so that you can transform your life into the one you were meant to enjoy.

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