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Your fitness goals are quite frankly, overwhelming. You want highly personalized support in transforming your body.

You need 1:1 PersonaL Training

You don’t know where to start.

Does this sound like you?

You know what to do to reach your health + fitness goals but you keep putting it off until “next Monday”.  Small group training will help light a fire under you and keep you on track to your goals.


You crave community & accountability.

You want a little guidance.

You have tons of health + fitness resources at your fingertips, but you want techniques to reduce pain or discomfort during movement, confirmation you are doing exercises correctly, or modifications for exercises that are beyond your current fitness level. 


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Programs to Transform Your Body

Personal training is just that ... personal!  YOU get to decide your fitness goals and I get to help you achieve them.

My intention for every 1:1 session is that you leave the session feeling better than you did when you arrived. Sometimes that means we focus on breath-work, stretching or trigger point therapy. Other times that means we lift heavy weights and do HIIT Cardio Circuits.

In a traditional personal training session, the workout is the only focus of the session, in sessions with me, the workout is only part of my MoveMEANT method.  In each session with me, in addition to working out, we will also check-in on how your body feels, your energy levels, your nervous system regulation, your stress management, your sleep quality, your hydration, and your nutrition, among other things. 

1:1 Personal Training is ideal for those needing highly personalized support. This may include people who have never really strength trained or followed an exercise program before, are unclear on what they need to do to reach their fitness goals, are pre-habbing or rehabbing an injury, or experiencing chronic bodily pain, tightness, or discomfort issues.

1:1 Personal Training

starting at $400/month

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The MoveMEANT Community most closely resembles “group x” or “group fitness” classes in a standard gym setting, except that it is all virtual AND includes so much more than a workout. 

Each member of the MoveMEANT Community is equipped with a personalized on-demand fitness program, a customizable nutrition system, wellness and/or performance supplements, mindset reading recommendations, and a whole host of other tools to help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

While the tools are phenomenal, inside the private accountability group is where the magic happens. Daily check-ins, accountability buddies, and live zoom workouts help keep you on track. Contests, challenges, and prizes help keep you engaged. Coaching, mentorship and friendship from some of the most dedicated individuals who have been where you are help keep you going when you might have otherwise stopped.

The MoveMEANT Community is for those who subscribe to the idea that “it takes a village” to do just about anything. It is a safe space, a no judgement zone if you will, to work on your personal health + fitness goals with the support, encouragement, and accountability from other individuals working toward their goals.

MoveMEANT Community

starting at $160/month

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The MoveMEANT Assessment is a one-off 1:1 session or series of infrequent 1:1 sessions (think once every 4-6 weeks) to help you assess and correct your movement patterns so that you can maximize your exercise, reduce the possibility of injury, and enhance your recovery.

Prior to each MoveMEANT Assessment session, you will complete a questionnaire to help identify areas of focus for the session so we make sure the session is tailored for YOU. During the session, you will perform a series of assessment exercises so we can evaluate your form AND how the movement feels. We will then review various corrective exercises and recovery/release techniques that you can do to improve form, function, and feel of each exercise. We will also discuss various modifications for exercises that you currently find challenging or painful. 

All MoveMEANT Assessments will be recorded and you will receive a copy of the recording along with a written summary of the session within 72 hours of completion.  

The MoveMEANT Assessment is ideal for individuals who prefer group fitness classes, on-demand or streaming workouts, and/or usually working out on their own, but could benefit from adjustments and pointers from a fitness professional with an eye for detail and a passion for empowering people to feel better in their bodies.

MoveMEANT Assessment

starting at $110/session

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“Really grateful Kasey invited me to join this group. I’d had success with her in the past and accountability of being part of a group helps me stay on track. When I had a tough day and didn’t stick to my plan, I wasn’t shamed or discouraged. Instead I was met with encouragement and “how can we help?” It made me look forward to continuing my health journey.”

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